Change your filter please!

Greenway probably runs somewhere around 20,000 HVAC service calls annually and I would conservatively say that on 50% of those calls one of the problems (not necessarily the only problem) is a filter that is either partially or completely stopped up.  At the very minimum, it is causing your system to work harder and much less efficiently and could even possible be the cause of your failure.   If you use those monthly filters, a good trick is when you get your MLGW bill and see... Read More
Posted by Mike Wilson at Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I know I continue to harp on R22 but,

As last reported, the likely refrigerant in your cooling system here in the mid-south is probably the R22 refrigerant that the EPA is trying to phase out.  Supply and demand.  The price settled in at double the price of last year and _hopefully_ there will be no shortages this summer (as of now it doesn't look like any).  If you have any opportunity to get some credit towards replacement of your heating and cooling system or you are getting quotes (which are free and don't hurt... Read More
Posted by Mike Wilson at Wednesday, June 12, 2013

R22 Freon. Quickly being phased out.

In an earlier blog, we talked about the EPA ruling that came out that was causing the price of R22 freon to go up dramatically.  We, as a company, recommended  all summer long that if you had an eminent repair on your air conditioner that you at least consider the possibility of upgrading to a newer, more efficient and environmentally system that used a different a different freon. Guys and gals, it is getting worse and fast.  R22 freon went up again in this month by 10% and my... Read More
Posted by Silvia Meewis at Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why is it time for a fall tune-up?

The weather is going to begin changing quickly now.  We are quickly moving from summer to the fall season and right behind that is winter.  Everyone starts cranking up their furnaces for the heating season and contractors like me, are flooded with service on equipment that has been effectively in hibernation for 8 months. Our saavy customers are usually ahead of the game and get on our schedule early for a furnace tune-up.  But why? Regularly servicing your heating equipment... Read More
Posted by Silvia Meewis at Friday, September 14, 2012


Not many of our customers really understand much about one of their top investments: their central heating and air conditioning systems. It’s all right; I have the same problem with my car. When the darn thing makes some kind of a racket, I head to my trusty auto expert. Well, let us be your expert and give you some information about our specialty – your air conditioning system. Over the past six months, there have been new developments that are really going to affect our customers this summer... Read More
Posted by Silvia Meewis at Monday, July 2, 2012